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Neighborhood Point People

 The mission of the Worship Place is to reach people with the love of Christ in Sun City and beyond.  This incredible ministry helps the church achieve that mission. 

The Worship Place has well over one hundred active ministries.  Each of them are functioning and provide help for the needs of people in our community and beyond on an every day basis.   The Point People are church members that live in Sun City.  They are responsible for contacting other members and active attendees in the neighborhood they are assigned each month.  The purpose is to identify possible needs among our members that our ministries can respond to quickly.  (With the addition of The Worship Place at Rocky Hollow, there will soon be needs with surrounding neighborhoods to have Point People for our members / attendees that live outside Sun City.)

The Point People help achieve the "beyond" part of our mission.  Every month we get a list of each of the new people that move into Sun City who are purchasing a home.  The Point People will take a bag of gifts and literature about the church and its ministries to each of these people to welcome them to the neighborhood, but also to invite them personally to church. 

This ministry is crucial to helping The Worship Place achieve its mission.   We need your help.  If you have the ability to make a phone call, or send an email, or maybe even make a short visit with someone, we could use your help.   

Click HERE for more information about Neighborhood Ministries and Point People or would like to serve with us.