Caring Ministries

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Special Friends Ministry


This weekly program at TWP is faith-based and complimentary to all participants.  It allows the dementia caregiver a four hour period free to run personal errands or just have a few quiet hours to themselves.  It gives the individual attending a sense of worth and a purpose to come each week.  We assign volunteers in a buddy system for support, safety and guidance.  The program emphasis allows each participant to be as independent as is possible.  We try to keep our census at 22-24 so that we can monitor and offer what the group needs.  Morning snacks and lunch are offered.


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Evening Caregiver Group

Family Caregiver Group meets the last Tuesday night of each month, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., at the Sun City campus.

The main caregiver, family and interested helpers are invited to come share ideas and learn from the group what works at the various stages of the disease.  Books, literature and suggestions are given free of charge that are intended to implement better caregiving.  We do offer a sitting service for those unable to provide it in the home setting.  A qualified member of our staff leads their session (usually games, visiting or just sharing).

 Yearly Seminar

We sponsor speakers and up-to-date information on memory loss, new treatment modalities and useful information for the community, as well as helpful resources for caregiving.  Additionally, we offer training and assistance to other churches that desire to begin a weekly respite.

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