About us

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Our Vision


"Reaching our neighbors with the love of


Christ in Sun City & beyond"



Sun City and the surrounding community will know Christ by the work and actions of this church and its members. Our vision for our church is one in which a visitor in 2016, would see:

  1. An active vibrant church with a membership of 1200 dedicated Christians.
  2. An expanded sanctuary that will accommodate 600 people and has near capacity attendance at two inspiring worship services on Sunday morning.
  3. A Fellowship Hall that is utilized throughout the week for committee meetings, Bible studies, Vacation Bible School for grandchildren and ministries for people in the community who have unique needs such as “Special Friends.”
  4. Eight Bible Study Classes that meet on Sunday morning and at various times throughout the week.
  5. A group of Christians who seek a deeper walk with God and take seriously the second Great Commandment and keep track of how each one in the congregation is doing and care for and pray for those who have health problems or have lost loved ones.
  6. A congregation of dedicated members who truly believe that they own nothing but are only stewards of what God has entrusted them with while on this planet. They also believe that they are obligated to wisely share their time, talents and wealth to help the needy and spread the Good News.
    • A church full of Christians who take their faith seriously and volunteer at many local charity agencies.
    • Members who give to the church generously so that the benevolence budget is increased each year and is available for world missions and benevolent activities in this community and beyond.
    • A community of Christians that develops leadership abilities in their members and equips them for significant ministry activities by nurturing their God-given gifts and talents.

We, the members of The Worship Place, trust in God to guide us and make these things happen if it is His will.